Keynote Speaking

Need a dynamic, no-nonsense speaker for your next conference or meeting who will get people thinking, talking and your team working together? Mary Nestor’s keynotes and seminars get people talking, sharing, interacting and practicing constructive, honest  communication.

Mary speaks on:

  • authentic communications
  • leadership
  • workplace engagement
  • personal and professional growth.

Each presentation is customized to your organization and group.  Whether its a keynote, dinner meeting, seminar, workshop, coaching session, mastermind or lunch-and-learn, you can count solid content with actionable tips and techniques you can use right away.  Each presentation is power-packed to boost performance, increase productivity, inspire creativity, save money and make your team and organization more successful.

Keep the momentum going.  Ideas expressed in a keynote or coaching session become a new way of working with practice in an energized, supportive environment.  Mary is a master trainer and coach, with fun, interactive workshops that get people up and moving, learning and talking  All topics can be delivered as seminars or workshops for group meetings, executive retreats, and individual coaching.

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Your presentation was stupendous! You are truly an inspiring and delightful person. Thank you for sharing your passion and enriching our lives at the annual luncheon.


Seminars/Workshops, Group Meetings, Executive Retreats

  • Tired of spending $$$ on boring off-the-shelf workshops that don’t reflect your company’s culture and concerns?
  • Do your meetings get hijacked by long-winded or domineering members? Lack honest discussion and creativity?
  • Need an expert to lead process stakeholders through analysis and redesign to finally fix broken processes, improve quality, increase productivity, boost sales and drive up revenue?
  • Want to energize your next Board meeting or strategic planning workshop using creative idea generation, small group dynamics and quality management techniques to solve problems and meet objectives?

We get people talking…to each other

  • Customized Seminars, Workshops, Group Meetings
  • Interactive sessions that result in real discussion, collaboration and targeted recommendations.
  • Communication, problem-solving, and leadership techniques to use at any time in any situation.
  • Meetings that encourage honest communication and healthy disagreement to get the best solutions

…the key to the success of this seminar was…the informal preliminary meeting with each department head and key employees. This information allowed you to specifically address our concerns and include recommendations targeted for our organization.


Hire Mary!

For more information on Mary Nestor and how she can help your organization be more profitable, productive and engaged, download her one-sheet. Call or email Mary Nestor to book for your next conference, meeting or event.