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Who Uses "Life Links"?

  • Companies, associations, non-profits, groups, and teams who want to improve communications, strengthen relationships, and discover connections that get people communicating, valuing, and appreciating each other’s life experiences.
  • Raving fans include Coach, Inc., NASA, Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA), Georgia Power Company, and The NutraSweet Company.

Why Use “Life Links”

  • Unplug – No batteries or chargers required – just face-to-face communication.
  • Discover – New interesting, fun, surprising (sometimes shocking) facts about co-workers.
  • Connect – Find connections beyond rank, title, and job description.
  • Have some fun! Play the match game. Laugh, gasp, clap, cheer, and get moving!
  • Break down “silos” and strengthen cross-functional working relationships.

How Can You Use It?

  • To kick off your next meeting, conference, executive retreat, team event
  • Team-building exercise – work teams, cross-functional teams, leadership teams
  • Diversity exercise – find similarity and connections in diverse groups
  • Just for fun! Get to know your co-workers, boss, Board, team in a whole new way!
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